WordPress has become the go-to website builder for small businesses around the world – and for good reason! With highlighted features – such as the ability to install WordPress within 5-minutes – taking advantage of this user-friendly web builder is a brilliant way to turn static content into dynamic calls-to-action for your businesses brand, company culture, and products or services.

In this blog we explain how to use WordPress to facilitate growth in your small business.

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Know That … You Can Create Your Website Your Way

Thanks to the multi-faceted, user-friendly nature of WordPress, you can tweak your design or content any day of the week. It provides you with a future-proof platform, which allows small business owners to set their own trends on their own schedule, all courtesy of this powerful, flexible and upgradeable resource.

You Can Also …Maximize Your Exposure and Minimize Your Cost

Did you know you can create a website on WordPress that looks entirely professional, for less than $100? It’s true!

Alternatively, hiring a web developer can become much pricier.

As a small business owner, maximizing your exposure through your own customized website, will require time and dedication, but you have to ask yourself – how much is your time worth, and is a $100 website worth the cost of your time?

PLUS …Customize Your Design to Authentically Represent Your Brand

In the marketplace of ideas, authenticity tops the list.

Consumers want to be educated on what they are buying and why they are buying it – they don’t want to be “sold”. Which is another reason why creating your own WordPress website is a worthwhile venture, as it will entirely and authentically represent your brand.

Benefit from the variety of designs and layouts WordPress offers by installing new themes, as displayed here -> ‘WordPress Themes’. This gives you the ability to test different looks – for free!

WordPress is a Novice Friendly Platform

Small business owners are busy running there own business – and we get that, because we are one! But that’s the brilliant advantage of WordPress; it is novice-friendly platform that doesn’t require you to be a web designer nor a programmer to utilize their system.

Whether you are a blogger-slash-influencer building your brand online, a brick and mortar store, or an online store providing products to your customers – there are customizable templates, beautiful sliders, and the ability to change the background with a point and click of the finger.

You Can Even …Grow Your Page Count With Optimized Content

Optimized content plays a key role on whether or not you pop up in any given search engine – such as Google.

Here are some basic tricks-of-the-trade to practicing good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as discussed below, courtesy of Access Press Themes.

  1. Set your Permalinks. The URLs of your website pages and posts are called Permalinks. …
  2. Create a sitemap for your website. …
  3. Use Google Analytics. …
  4. Use search engine optimized themes. …
  5. Use SEO …
  6. Optimize your media. …
  7. Make your content Shareable. …
  8. Use Links and Anchor Text Correctly.

CLICK HERE for 4 additional tips with a breakdown of each; or for complete step-by-step instructions – use this handy WordPress SEO guide to properly optimize your website!

In addition to your keyword strategy, you can also add pages as you see fit, allowing you to further customize you site, and not be limited to the traditional pages that normally include: Home, Services, About, Contact.

Why …Growing Your Page Count Matters

Perhaps your company is launching a new product or service; and adding a new web page is an excellent way to highlight that. Offer fresh content and inform your potential customers of your pending launch through vibrant images, videos and easy-to-consume content. Make your content share-worthy by adding social media share buttons to your page.

What …Expanding Your Website Functions Via Plugins Looks Like

Plugins are another great advantage of WordPress for small businesses. It allows you to create app-type features that build analytics, email captures, contact forms – and more!

Be careful not too add too many plugins as it can slow down your website. Read this article -> what are WordPress plugins to learn more.

How To …Enhance Your Brands Personality By Offering Various Media Types

Where once a static landing page was the extent of digital marketing initiatives – now it is vital to have “action-based” websites.

What do we mean by that?

It means offering a website that is not just text-driven, but one that incorporates images, audio and video files. Content that viewers don’t have to read, but can easily listen to or watch.

Let’s be honest; our attention spans are quickly interrupted by our phone. Which is why stimulating interest, through alternate media, is so important in recapturing your audience’s attention.

Make Your Digital Content “Spoon Fed” Style, and Easy to Chew On!

Winston Churchill once said: “success is moving from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm” – and as entrepreneurs and small business owners ourselves, we understand how working for yourself takes courage and a whole lot of spirit.

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