Like a close group of confidantes or friends – or your own board of directors – a Mastermind group helps you see opportunities and pathways you wouldn’t see or find for yourself.

On our own, finding the answer to a problem can be challenging. But do you notice how once you’re with friends, your thoughts are shared more freely, and the solutions come more naturally?

A mastermind group is much the same way, except the meetings are more structured and you have a facilitator to help guide you. You are introduced to like-minded individuals who work in similar fields. And because of your shared interests, these individuals quickly grow into career colleagues and business best friends.

Who Should Join A Mastermind Group?

Consider joining a mastermind group if you are:

  • An entrepreneur or small business owner.
  • Isolated and work on your own.
  • In need of more accountability.
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • At a standstill and something is blocking your way.
  • Your business is accelerating quickly, and you can’t keep up
  • Looking for a business network
  • Looking for third-party advice or guidance.

What Do You Do In A Mastermind Group?

The agenda for the mastermind groups is created by the participants. Each meeting focuses on one of the following:

  • An agreed upon business topic, challenge or scenario where we bring in an SME (subject matter expert) to go through an issue or idea and then work on together;
  • An agreed upon business topic, challenge or scenario that we tackle ourselves within the group;
  • A round table discussion based on an idea, potential initiative or real-life circumstance presented to the group by one of its members.

In the case of the roundtable, the group will work to problem solve collaboratively with the member by asking a round of qualifying questions to find out more details and gain a better understanding of the exploration. This will be followed by an “in my experience” statement or comment from each member to help guide and support your next steps.

What Topics Are Discussed?

Topics that masterminds tackle include dealing with Imposter Syndrome and learning how to get out of your own way. Other topics that have been suggested by the participants include:

  • Knowing Your Worth
  • The Key Roles of Mentorship and Sponsorship – How to Maximize Both
  • Navigating a Non-Linear Career Path
  • Finding Your Voice – Strategies for Feeling Heard
  • Learning to Be Seen – How to Be Recognized as a Leader at Work
  • Creating an Effective Support System
  • Designing Your Life – How to Find Work/Life Balance
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Growth
  • Team Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Accelerated Customer Acquisition
  • Technology Innovations

How Is A Mastermind Group Different From One-on-One Coaching?

Compared to one-on-one coaching where you meet with a business coach and discuss your own individual business, a Mastermind group shares their challenges together and learns from one another in a safe, compassionate and respectful group setting. Together, members create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and act as sounding boards and supportive colleagues.

 “When we’re recommending something to another person, we don’t think about our current state, and we don’t think about our current emotions. We actually think a bit more distantly from the decision and often make the better decision because of that.”  – Current Mastermind member

“More than a few times, I’ve given someone else a piece of advice only to realize that the exact same piece of advice applies to me, but I was blind to see it. I’ve learned as much, or more, when someone else is the focus of the mastermind than when I am.”  – Previous Mastermind member

What Will I Gain From A Mastermind Group?

Besides a new group of business best friends that you can rely on and learn from, the key to the success of the group is based on the collaboration of energy, commitment and personal experience that each participant brings to the table. The participants show up prepared to learn from each other and to share stories and knowledge!

What Is The Time-commitment Of A Mastermind Group?

It depends on each mastermind, but for us we meet twice a month for six-months via Zoom conference and follow a set format, providing all members the opportunity to share their successes and challenges. This allows members to get to know one another and deepens the support provided.

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