04.0 – Sales Foundations

$ 59.99

Are you uncomfortable selling?

You are not alone! Many people are, yet we all sell.

If you would like to be better at sales, and more comfortable selling, this course is for you!



Being good at sales is not an elusive talent, it is a skill that can be learned and mastered over time.

Great sales professionals can sell any product simply by utilizing theses skills.

Learn more about the selling process, and how to improve your sales success.

In this course we’ll cover the steps to successful selling:

    – Connect
    – Qualify
    – Present
    – Overcome Objections
    – Closing the Sale
    – Selling Add-Ons

You’ll learn about building relationships and conversational skills needed to gather the information you need in order to provide your client/customer with a solution that not only meets their needs, it exceeds them!