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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenge of having to work ON your business and IN your business at the same time. That’s why we created My Business Skills, to support small business owners by providing you with online education, community and the resources you need to help you grow your business.


New Skills

Videos, guides, and workbooks give you the information you need to create a sales and business development plan that fuels success.


More People

Using our years of experience, we’ve compiled the best brand building and digital strategy practices to help you increase your reach online and off.


Your Business

Our tools and resources make it possible for you to use your time efficiently to build and implement your business strategy with confidence.

Resources to tackle any challenge

My business skills resources


Learn the business skills you need to succeed with video tutorials, printable resources, and group coaching calls.


Connect with and be motivated by others who share the same passion, drive, and determination to build their business.


Develop the skills and confidence to achieve your business goals with hands on tools and a supportive community.

Learn from our experts and connect with your community

Mastermind Groups

Create relationships and learn with a cohort of other small business entrepreneurs.

Community Forum

Having trouble finding an answer? Ask our engaged community.

Private Coaching

Connect with one of our experts and take your business to the next level.

“After four years of our entrepreneurial journey, my business partner and I were looking for some help to reenergize and refocus us to take our company forward. A colleague recommended Glorie and Betty, and their team was a great match for ours, providing a much-needed balance of experience, tools, and ideas to guide us through to the next phase of our business. They were supportive, challenging, and understanding, and they helped us to clarify our purpose to pursue work that makes us happy.”

Heidi E.

“A while back, I asked for help revamping my business. Subsequently, one of my students introduced me to My Business Skills. They turned out to be the perfect solution to come into my life at this time. Their skill, creative vision and expertise was exactly what was required for the changes necessary which have enabled me to make the transition from the old ways to the new. Grounded in the practical, but also respectful, they have been positive supportive experts in their field.”

Lindsay W.